Opening Locks Which Don't Have 40 Number Dials

(The techniques for new Master Locks should work on locks from other manufacturers when the dials have 40 numbers.)

All inexpensive combination padlocks, that we know of, have three number combinations. There may be higher security padlocks with more numbers in their combinations, but those locks should have other noticeable security features, such as heavy duty shackles and reinforced bodies. We don't think there are two number combination padlocks, because they would be too easy to open.

Opening locks that have 20 numbers or less on their dials

If the lock has only 10 or 12 numbers on its dial, it probably has only one sticking place. Use the basic technique, but do not skip any numbers.

The second number will be different from the first number. Thus, a 10 number lock will open in 90 tries or less, 12 number lock in 132 tries or less. However, the lock may have a left-right-left dialing sequence. If so, the places to stop for the right-left-right sequence may be between numbers, and the lock won't open. So, if you don't know the directions that the manufacturer has you turn the dial, you may have to go back and try the combinations, dialing in the opposite direction.

Opening locks that have more than 40 numbers on their dials

If the highest number on the dial is more than 39, you will have to try more numbers, but the basic process is the same.

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